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Deactivate WordPress Plugins Without Logging In

WordPress plugins can break websites and even cause you to get locked out of the admin area of wordpress.  So how do you fix the problem when you can’t login to deactivate the plugin?  Here’s the solution. Fire up your favorite ftp client.  Open the remote directory plugins folder and find the plugin you want to deactivate. […]

Free WordPress Plugins Are Just Hype

There’s a Reason They’re Free! Be sure to read the small print.  Why are the wordpress plugins so hyped up!  The answer is marketing.  It’s a bait technique to try and get you to pay for the premium version. Many of the plugins best features are left out so you have to purchase the upgrade.  In some […]

Let Me Make You A Free WordPress Site

Every Business Needs A Website   Get a Custom Website For FREE! Let me help you get your business started online.  I’ll do it for FREE!  I believe everyone needs to have their business online and one of the best ways to do it is by using a content management system like wordpress. WordPress will let […]

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