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Free WordPress Plugins Are Just Hype

There’s a Reason They’re Free!

Be sure to read the small print.  Why are the wordpress plugins so hyped up!  The answer is marketing.  It’s a bait technique to try and get you to pay for the premium version. Many of the plugins best features are left out so you have to purchase the upgrade.  In some cases you will need setup an account before even realizing you have to purchase something.  Guess what?  They got your name and email even if you decide to delete the plugin.

Don’t like the idea of giving away your personal information to sign up for a plugin?  Got it!  Open up a dedicated junk email account.  Hey everybody’s should have at least one by now.  Heck… I’ve got three or four.  If you decide later you don’t want the plugin, just uninstall it and all they get is your name and junk email account.

Plugin Developers Need To Eat Too.

It takes a great deal of time to develop a plugin.  Planning and development is a process that can take months.  It’s often not a single person job but a team working to complete these plugins.  Some developers are just looking for the recognition.  I’m seeing quite a few plugins now where all they ask is for a donation.  In either case,  the time they invest in creating these wordpress add-ons is well worth the money.   After all, you get to pick which one to install and most developers are good about keeping the plugins up-to-date.

While I’m not a big fan of what I like to call “the bait technique”, I do believe the guys behind building these plugins deserve some praise.  If they ask for a donation, throw them a bone… They deserve it!

To My Paranoid Client.

If you can opt-in… You can opt-out!  My inspiration for writing this article comes from a client of mine that had a phobia of giving his email address away. The interesting thing was he hired me to collect other peoples emails.  When I tried to install a simple plugin for him, he refused to setup the account.  I tried to explain to him what a spam filter was but apparently that just made matters worse.

The wordpress plugins let you plug and play.  From shopping carts to sidebar widgets, wordpress plugins offer an endless amount of functionality and design to a website.  They simplify the entire wordpress platform making it easy for the owner of the site to add things he or she wouldn’t be able too.  Without plugins, wordpress would just be another static website on the internet.


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