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5 Hidden Gems For Targeted Traffic

Targeted Traffic–You Got it!

I find the best way to drive traffic is to be more social and personable with people.  If you want traffic you need to be transparent and open about the things you believe in.  Here’s 5 hidden gems for getting more targeted traffic to your site.

    1. Use forums to build a fan base.  This is one that doesn’t get used enough but can build great traffic to your site.  Old posts can stay in the archives for years even though the post is closed.  People can, and do read old posts!  By staying active in forums related to your niche you can continue to build traffic from posts you wrote months or even years ago.


    1. Guest Blogging works the same way as using the forums.  You can write a good post on someone else’s blog and leave your credentials at the end of the post.  If it happens to build traffic to that persons website, they will likely feature the post for a long time on their site.  Adding a link back to your site at the end of the post, will continue to drive relevant traffic to you.


    1. Use infographics to get traffic.  They’re a powerful tool to drive traffic from social media to your site.  The infographic is highly visible and states it’s main intention.  They give creditability to what you’re trying to say and usually demand a quick response from the viewer.


    1. Start a facebook group.  Even though you may have a facebook business page how about starting your own group related to your niche.  If you know your topic well, others in the group are likely to want to check out your site.


  1. Now you got the traffic and they keep leaving.  Scream out loud, pull your hair out, bang your head on the desk.  Hold up!  Remember, It’s not over till the fat lady sings…  Retarget that traffic by using tracking cookies.  Cookies will put relevant ads on the pages they visit, hopefully prompting them to return to your site.


There you have it.  A few marketing tactics that seem overlooked in my opinion.  Incorporate them into your marketing arsenal today and let me know how they work for you.

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